Advocating for Global Change

Education for women is just as important in today’s world as it ever was. In many countries throughout the world, women lack the understanding that they are worth more than their cultural traditions indicate, and can only obtain this knowledge through specific policies and programs to ensure their education. This is why I feel it is extremely important to allocate resources to lesser developed countries to assist in female education. Here is a list of a few points to be considered in order to effectively increase female education, and therefore female equality.

  • Training for teachers
  • More new schools in regions without them
  • Refurbishing of old schools that may be run down
  • Funds to provide pencils, paper, and shoes for those that must walk to school
  • Ending any/all violence surrounding education
  • Focused education for boys to teach them the importance of equality as well. Men are leaders in most parts of the world and if they aren’t made aware of the necessity for equality, it will be that much harder for women to get it.
  • Increasing worldwide awareness

There are, in fact, countries already following my aforementioned points. In Liberia specifically, a policy was launched by the country’s first female leader- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. The Girl’s Education National Policy works to provide training for teachers, counseling and increasing small-scale scholarships for young girls, and ending sexual assault and abuse in schools. Another organization also taking part in these endeavors is the Council on Foreign Relations. This organization has done research to increase awareness that enhancing girls’ education around the world has a huge turnaround in economic growth, political participation, disease prevention, and women’s health. Providing this general awareness to the world is what makes the organization quite beneficial in women’s equality.

Knowing all of this, it is time to take a stand. I’m calling out to all people to take some time, do the research, and find organizations and programs out there pursuing women’s equality, and join them. The more people contributing to this ideal, the sooner it will be a success. And everyone knows the sooner, the better.


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